About Ninoy: Timeline



Ateneo de Manila College of Liberal Arts (Pre-Law)

University of the Philippines, College of Law (4th Year)

Reporter for the Manila Times Newspaper at the age of 17 and assigned as the Manila Times war correspondent in Korea.

Philippine Legion of Honor, Officer Degree, awarded by President Elpidio Quirino for “Meritorious Service” to the Philippines for his coverage of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to the Korean War.


Foreign Correspondent, Manila Times in Southeast Asia. Assigned to Indo-China, covered the last moments of French colonialism in Asia, at Dien Bien Phu. Later posted to Malaya to cover the British counter-insurgency efforts under General Templar.

Journalism remained his particular vocation in spite of his entry into politics, and from time to time he wrote “perspective articles” for such publications as “Foreign Affairs Quarterly” and the “Pacific Community.”

Still with the journalist’s bent, he agreed, while already Senator, to conduct a weekly television news analysis show, entitled “Insight” for Channel 5, upon the urging of his former publisher of the Manila Times, Mr. Chino Roces. He kept this up until his arrest in 1972 by the people responsible for the Martial Law regime.


Special Assistant to President Ramon Magsaysay.

Negotiated the surrender of Huk Supremo Luis Taruc (May 16, 1954)

Philippine Legion of Honor, Commander Degree, awarded by President Ramon Magsaysay for “exemplary meritorious service” to the Filipino people in negotiating the coverage of Huk Supremo Luis Taruc.

Oct. 11, 1954

Married Corazon Cojuangco


Elected as youngest mayor (22 years old) of Concepcion, Tarlac, his hometown.


Press Officer, Philippine-American Military Bases Agreement negotiations.


Special Assistant to President Carlos P. Garcia.

First Bronze Anahaw Leaf, Philippine Legion of Honor, conferred by President Magsaysay, for services in the peace and order campaign.


Elected as youngest Vice-Governor of Tarlac Province (26 years old).

Elected Secretary-General of the League of Provincial Governors and City Mayors.